Resistance and What Ifs

Something nagging you? Something stupid happen today that just pissed you off? Got stuck in traffic, got a totally random bill in the mail that you shouldn’t have to pay? Here’s a quick fix for letting some of that negative energy go and getting back to your good feeling place. Again, I originally read about this on Melody Fletcher’s blog, Deliberate Receivingso if you haven’t already, GO CHECK IT OUT! She’s awesome sauce.
Anyway. Quick Fix for Resistance and stupid annoying things that happen on a daily basis.

1. Come up with a “What If” 

I got a bill in the mail for missing a doctor’s appointment. FIFTY DOLLARS, people, FIFTY DOLLARS for missing an appointment. I kid you not. Okay, so I was pissed. This was the third or fourth thing in a row that month that came out of the blue and took my monies. But Melody Fletcher’s technique came to the rescue.
So, I’m driving to work fuming. I used her technique and came up with a “what if” that made the situation totally ok. At first, I was thinking…
What if I didn’t have to pay this? What if it was a mistake?
Nope, that wasn’t good enough. I needed something better. I knew I was gonna have to pay the damn thing.

2. Add the “Would this still bother me?” 

What if I was rich? Would this still bother me? 
And the answer was one big giant NOPE. If I had 50 grand sitting in the bank, I wouldn’t give a flying fuck about $50.

3. If the answer is no, act AS IF the “what if” is true. 

In accordance with these rules, I paid the bill as if I was rich. Who cares about a measly fifty bucks? Not me, I’m rich. I didn’t give it another thought, and I haven’t missed that fifty dollars at all.
That’s not the point though. The point is that as soon as you start putting negative energy on something, (I don’t want to pay this bill, I don’t have the money, I shouldn’t have to pay this, ect) you are attracting more nasty shit just like it. Use this technique to shift that energy. 

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